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MLB: Saturday June 7 2014

Another uneven night at the roost last night. Erik Bedard ended up being an absolute gem on my roster last night. Problem was non of the expensive bats pulled through for me. Had the wrong Dodgers. Picked Puig and Gonzalez, Gordon and Ramirez ended up being the players doing the damage. Red Sox didn't do the damage vs. Smyly like I expected. Let's see what Saturday night holds as I look in the night schedule.

- Gold: Ervin Santana ATL - I know, Santana has been dreadful lately. But this is a prime spot for Santana vs. the D'Backs who hate right handed pitching. On top of that the Braves bats face lefty, Wade Miley who love left handed pitching. Lots of safety to work with on this one. The only thing that is worrisome is where is Santana's head at but because of that, his price point is excellent.
- Silver: Tim Hudson SF  - I like damn near any pitcher vs. the Mets. Tim Hudson has really turned back the cloth to become an effective pitcher once again. The key will be whether or not the Giants bast can get him some run support to buy him a win. Hudson's ERA is a very paltry 1.70.
- Bronze: Max Scherzer DET - Not in love with this play, because of Scherzer going a little bit cold on his last start and facing Jon Lester, but the Red Sox bats are so cold right now, that Scherzer could navigate his way through this game and find a win. Good enough for the bronze spot on a touchy night for pitching.
- Economy: Danny Duffy KC - A lot of things going for Duffy in this game. He's coming off pitching a gem vs. the Cardinals, the Yankees hate left handed pitching, and he pitches in that cavern in KC. Duffy throws in the low to mid 90s, so the strikeout prospect are there.

- Gold: Evan Gattis ATL - If there was ever a time to play Evan Gattis, this is it. Facing lefty Wade Miley, hitting in a hitter friendly park. I'm not a fan of Gattis because he strikeout a ton, but this could be a night he puts the hurt on the ball.
- Silver: Buster Posey SF - Gattis by far has the best matchup tonight and it isn't even close. After that you'll have to settle for good hitters going up against decent pitching. Posey draws Bartolo Colon tonight, Colon has had his rough patches but has the ability to turn back the clock. Posey is a very good hitter enjoying a fine season, though the batting average is a smidge low.
- Bronze: Salvador Perez KC - Perez faces "pitch to contact" David Phelps. Royals don't strike out a ton, so you figure the ball will at least be in play for many of the Roylas hitters. On a light catching night, that's the best we can hope for.
- Economy: John Jaso OAK - Outside of Gattis, Jaso might be the best option for the night at catcher. Faces tweener Kevin Gausman in a spot start. Gausman throws hard but has a penchant for getting rough. Besides Jaso loves them fastballs.

1st Base:
- Gold: Brandon Moss OAK - Been awhile since I have had Moss in here. with A's facing an endless line of lefties. Tonight, the A's face Kevin Gausman, and its a ripe time to get Moss back in the lineup. Moss is enjoying a mighty fine season thus far,
- Silver: Jose Abreu CWS - A player I feel I don't use enough of, largely because his price point is sky high due to his early season success. Tonight is a good night to test drive him vs. Matt Shoemaker. On a light night at 1B he is worth the look.
- Bronze: Miguel Cabrera DET - Faces Jon Lester tonight. A lot of things I don't like about this matchup. Lester's is a tough customer and Miggy's price point is still sky high. But he does have the lefty/righty matchup going for him, and the Tigers love left handed pitching, so Lester could have a tough time navigating through this lineup.
- Economy: Eric Hosmer KC - Royals couldn't do much with Chase Whitley last night, but I'm going right back with them vs. David Phelps, who is much the same pitcher. Hosmer had an 0 for 4 last night, but is too good of a hitter to have that replicated.

2nd Base:
- Gold: Gordon Beckham CWS - Light night at C & 1B, disgustingly light at 2B. Beckham draws the gold spot through default. Faces Matt Shoemaker. Beckham has been making solid contact lately and has become known as a line drive hitter. Hitting in the 2nd spot of the White Sox order helps.
- Silver: Omar Infante KC - Infante is a lot like Beckham but with less power. Infante has been making good contact for the Royals this season and I expect him to do more of the same vs. David Phelps.
- Bronze: Anthony Rendon WSH - Rendon has been having a fine season this year. But don't totally love this play. Rendon's price point is high and faces fresh off the DL Andrew Cashner, so who knows what to expect. But on a grossly light night at 2B, what can you do?
- Economy: Dan Uggla ATL - My sneaky play of the year. Uggla has been in the dog house for most of the year, as in not even playing. Braves face lefty Wade Miley tomorrow, might be a good spot for the Braves to sneak him in the lineup. If he has an ounce of hunger in him tomorrow, he could pay off in droves.

3rd Base:
- Gold: Pablo Sandoval SF - It's gonna be really difficult to spend salary tomorrow. Sandoval draws Bartolo Colon in a meh matchup. I really don't like many of the high price matchups tomorrow. Sandoval is just like a rattlesnake. You never know when he's gonna strike but when he does, its usually pretty epic.
- Silver: Conor Gillaspie CWS - Ganging up a bit on Matt Shoemaker tonight. And mostly because I think the Angels bullpen is garbage. I love and am also perplexed at the same time on why Gillaspie is hitting 3rd for the White Sox. He's kind a light hitting slappy, but hits for average this season. If he hits 3rd, he'll get his chances for RBIs.
- Bronze: Chase Headley SD - Speaking of slappies, I give you Chase Headley. Headley faces relative newcomer Blake Treinen tonight. Could qualify for the economy spot. Headley surprises you every once in awhile with power, tonight could be that night.
- Economy: Chris Johnson ATL - Another economy Braves player. A Braves stack might be the way to go tonight. Johnson has had a dreadful season thus far. His power from last season, seems to have disappeared. Tonight is the night to start fresh vs. Wade Miley.

- Gold: Everth Cabrera SD - Cabrera faces Blake Treinen tonight. Cabrera is a good bet to swipe a bag tonight vs. righty Treinen is he can find his way to 1st base. Cabrera's average is a bit down this year, I expect that to correct itself soon.
- Silver: Jed Lowrie OAK - Lowrie and the A's face Kevin Gausman in a mismatch the A's could abuse tonight. The A's have been tearing the cover off the ball during their road trip, so you know their bats are hot.
- Bronze: Alexei Ramirez CWS - And I continue to gang up on Matt Shoemaker. Ramirez has had a might fine season, getting things done with his bat and his legs. Hits 5th for the White Sox, I wish they'd put him leadoff instead and have him table set. But that's just the armchair manager talking in me.
- Economy: Andrelton Simmonds ATL - May as well get all those Braves right handed bats in here. They are all just so cheap and so much upside vs. lefty Wade Miley. Simmonds hits down the order, but I feel he'll still get his knocks as well.

- Gold: Justin Upton ATL - If I'm gonna stack Braves righties, I have to have the ace of spades in that deck in Justin Upton. Upton has the best bat going on the Braves, so I highly recommend him vs. Wade Miley.
- Gold: Coco Crisp OAK - Not sure what happened to Coco Crisp, but his price point is dirt cheap. I see his average and steals are down, his bread and butter, so that could explain. But the dude's a good player and a good hitter, so I expect those numbers to even out soon. Faces rigthy Kevin Gausman tonight.
- Silver: Alex Gordon KC - Gordon's bat is starting to heat up. Did well vs. Chase Whitley yesterday, I figure he can do more of the same today vs. David Phelps.
- Silver: Seth Smith SD - Seth Smith is one of the very few hitters in the Padres lineup with consistent pop. Faces Blake Treinen tonight.
- Bronze: Angel Pagan SF - Pagan has enjoyed a really nice season so far. Hitting for extra bases, swiping some bags, has done a real nice job of table setting for the Giants. Faces Bartolo Colon tonight.
- Bronze: Adam Eaton CWS - Eaton is hitting leadoff for the White Sox as they face Matt Shoemaker and the Angels. Eaton has been in a bit of a slump lately but a good chance to break out vs. Shoemaker.
- Economy: B.J. Upton ATL - Not my favorite player in the world but may as well put him in with the right handed Braves stack. More likely to go 0 for 4 with 4Ks, but every once in awhile has an epic game making you wonder why he doesn't do that more. Tonight could be that night.

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