Thursday, June 5, 2014

MLB: Friday June 6 2014

What a gong show last night was. Tons of hitting, absolutely no pitching. Made for a very tense night. Especially with that gong show of a game going on in Denver. Those that had cheap pitching were likely the winners. I splurged for Wacha. He was OK until he hit the 6th inning and then hit a pothole the size of Texas, essentially ruining his night. Just one of those nights where fantasy baseball becomes extremely frustrating. Found some loose coin but didn't have the right blend to cash in GPPs. Here we go again, looking into Friday's schedule.

- Gold: Jared Weaver LAA - I feel tonight is a trap night for some of the higher priced pitchers, namely Darvish and Cueto. I'm gonna draw from the tier below and go with Weaver. Weaver is savvy enough to navigate the free swinging bats of the White Sox. White Sox have a predominantly right handed lineup which will help Weaver's cause.
- Silver: Matt Cain SFG - Cain comes off the DL to make a start vs. the Mets. Cain may or may not be on a pitch count so take warning. But the Mets are a light hitting bunch that can be fooled. That's Cain's expertise, fooling hitters.
- Bronze: Hyun-Jin Ryu LAD - Ryu is a safetly play. I think the Dodgers will crush Double A'er Eddie Butler, therefore all Ryu is stick around long enough to get the win, all while hopefully not getting abused. Rockies have the ability to abuse, but their bats have gone a smidge cold lately.
- Economy: Erik Bedard TB - Not taking Bedard because he is any great shakes, but more because the Mariners loathe left handed pitching. The key for tonight will be Bedard not beating himself. I feel like the Rays are due for a win.

- Gold: Buster Posey SF - Faces Jonathan Niese tonight. Posey has been a bit banged up lately but loves him some left handed pitching. Mets are in middle of a long road trip, therefore I feel they'll be a bit sluggish in this one.
- Silver: Jonathan Lucroy MIL - I feel loading up on Brewers vs. Brandon Cumpton is a solid play tonight. Cumpton is the only pitcher the Dodgers have been able to rough up as of late, which is no small feat. If the Dodgers can do it, no reason the Brewers can't do it.
- Bronze: Jason Castro HOU - Castro faces Phil Hughes, just the type of pitcher Castro loves to face, lotsa fastballs. Castro has the day off yesterday, so should be fresh and ready to go.
- Economy: Derek Norris OAK - Can't believe this guy qualifies for economy, but there he is. Norris is damn near a must play when the A's face left handed pitching. Tonight, the A's face Wei-Yin Chen.

1st Base:
- Gold: Adrian Gonzalez LAD - Gonzalez has been pissing me off to no end lately. His bat seems lazy and he generally seems disinterested. Enter Eddie Butler in Coors Field. Seems like a good time for AGone to break his slump. He loves inexperienced pitching.
- Silver: Freddie Freeman ATL - Freeman's a guy who generally has been forgotten by many dfs'ers lately. Largely because the Braves bats have been in a season long slumber, and to the amount Ks the Braves bats generate, that if your site takes away points for hitter's Ks. Freeman draws Brandon McCarthy in a hitters park in Arizona. Braves could do some damage tonight.
- Bronze: Albert Pujols LAA - Pujols face Andre Rienzo, in what is a very ripe matchup for the Halos. You know me and righty vs. righty crime, but this matchup is practically too good to refuse.
- Economy: Eric Hosmer KC - I know Hosmer's power numbers are down, but now his price point is becoming a steal. Hosmer faces Chase Whitley, so if you are looking to punt 1B, Hosmer is a great option.

2nd Base:
- Gold: Dustin Pedroia BOS - Pedroia faces lefty Drew Smyly. Seems like everything about this matchup favors Pedroia. Pedroia's power numbers are way down this season, but I look for him to put a dent into that tonight.
- Gold: Ben Zobrist TB - Zobrist faces Chris Young tonight. I don't know how Young is getting outs with his subpar stuff, but he's doing it. I feel the Rays are on the verge of breaking out and I see Zobrist in the middle of that.
- Bronze: Dee Gordon LAA - I hate Gordon's price point, but love the matchup vs. Eddie Butler. If the game gets outta hand, Gordon's running game could be severely compromised, but he could still do some damage with his bat.
- Economy: Omar Infante KC - I like the acquisition of Infante for the Royals lineup this season. It gives them a scrappy #2 hitter that sets table for the run producers of the Royals. Infante and the Royals face Chase Whitley, so I see them scoring some runs tonight.

3rd Base:
- Gold: Josh Donaldson OAK - Donaldson vs. most subpar lefties, seems like a no brainer. Donaldson and the A's face lefty Wei-Yin Chen, in what seems like a mismatch for the A's to exploit. Donaldson is right in the middle of that. A's rip on left handed pitching and should feast on Chen.
- Silver: Evan Longoria TB - Longoria is showing signs of breaking out of his season long slump. Faces Chris Young tonight, whom I'm still waiting to implode. Tonight could be that night. I will be waiting if he does.
- Bronze: Manny Machado BAL - Machado and the O's face Tommy Milone. With two teams that mash lefties, mediocre ones at that, I expect this game to be a run fest. Machado's bat is starting to look like last year's form.
- Economy: David Freese LAA - Don't particularly like David Freese, but like Andre Rienzo even less. Freese hits in the middle of the Angels lineup, so I figure the opportunity to produce points will be there. Freese has a tendancy to feast on bad pitching.

- Gold: Hanley Ramirez LAD - I have lost a lot of bankroll over the past week, thanks to this guy and AGone's shenanigans. They keep rolling out mediocre pitching vs. these guys and the Dodgers just keep failing. Tonight is the ultimate heat check, to see if there is a pulse on this team. Facing Double A'er Eddie Butler in Coors Field? It's tough to look away.
- Silver: Xander Bogaerts BOS - Likely the safer play at SS, with the way he has been mashing lefties lately. Faces Drew Smyly tonight. If he continues the trend, he'll have another nice game tonight.
- Bronze: Jean Segura MIL - I feel I wouldn't worth a damn if I didn't have Brewers all over the joint tonight. Brandon Cumpton is a "not quite ready prime time player" as of now. I feel that the Brewers can mash and mash and mash some more. Segura has come around and is in full table set mode.
- Economy: J.J. Hardy BAL - J.J. Hardy is an excellent punt option tonight facing Tommy Milone. Orioles bats have been lively lately and their lineup is built to wreck left handed pitching. Look for some runs in this one.

- Gold: Yasel Puig LAD - You figure this guy would just LOVE hitting at Coors Field, especially with Double A'er tossing BP. If the Dodgers are serious about breaking a slump, look for the Dodgers to go RUBAR on Eddie Butler.
- Gold: Yoenis Cespedes OAK - Cespedes has just been wrecking left handed pitching lately. He's been on a serious power surge. The price point hasn't quite caught up, so its almost feeling like buying low with him. Faces lefty Wei-Yin Chen tonight.
- Silver: Chris Gomez MIL - Poor Brandon Cumpton. It's gonna be ugly for him. The power bats of the Brewers should have a field day here. Gomez homered last night, so you know his bat is raring to go.
- Silver: Ryan Braun MIL - Y'know me, can't have one without the other. I wouldn't recommend both, because the price points are ridiculously high, but if you can find cheap enough pitching, it wouldn't be a bad play at all. Tough to say which one will homer tonight, but I have the feeling one of them will.
- Bronze: Hunter Pence SF - I feel like I don't give him his due enough on this blog. Pence is a very good hitter that loves left handed pitching. Pence faces Jon Niese and a road weary Mets squad. I really like the Giants to squash the Mets tonight.
- Bronze: Adam Jones BAL - Jones homered last night and now gets some home cooking vs. lefty Tommy Milone. Jones has been swinging the bat very well lately, the price point is solid but starting to creep up. Might be the last chance to buy low on him.
- Economy: Kole Calhoun LAA - My favorite new economy outfielder Kole Calhoun faces Andre Rienzo in what seems like a mismatch on paper. Calhoun loves right handed pitching and loves hitting at home. Likely won't be an economy play much longer. I feel like his price point should be higher.

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