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MLB: Sunday June 8 2014

Not sure what to say about last night, other than it was a tough night and everything was upside down. Nothing made sense, but sports, in general, does that sometimes. Things don't happen that you just bank on happening. Like Braves raking or Hudson with another stellar outing. None of that happened last night, and when stuff like that happens, its tough to wrap your brain around. Welp, let's this another shot, and see how Sunday works out.

- Gold: Hiroki Kuroda NYY - I like Kuroda's sinker ball stuff in the vaunted wasteland of Kauffman Stadium. Royals aren't known for the long ball, so there is safety in that but the Royals also don't strikeout a lot. At any rate I expect Kuroda to pitch deep into this game. Kuroda's price point is just swell at this point.
- Silver: Jordan Zimmermann WSH - Zimmermann has been a tough creature to figure out this year. Pitching well when he shouldn't and getting roughed up by the dregs of the league. Zimmermann faces the Padres who definitely qualify as dregs of the league, so who knows what to expect. On paper, this matchup should highly favour Zimmermann, but who knows with this guy.
- Bronze: Henderson Alvarez MIA - Alvarez has been a godsend for GPPers and those that have used him over the last few starts. Of course, I'm going to recommend him here vs. the lowly Cubs, and he'll likely end up sucking, amirite? At any rate, Alvarez has a ripe matchup vs. the Cubs at a price point that isn't out of this world considering how he has done lately.
- Economy: Joe Saunders TEX - At first glance, Saunders vs. the Indians is not a good matchup for Saunders. But looking over the order of the Indians lineup sees many left handed bats and some switch hitters that hit better from the left side. It may be a lineup Saunders can navigate and if you are looking for a cheapy, Saunders may be the way to go.

- Gold: Wilson Ramos WSH - Ramos has one of the best matchups today facing left Eric Stults and the Padres. Ramos has been hitting in the middle of the order, so RBI opportunities should be there vs. the lowly Padres.
- Silver: Jason Castro HOU - Another nice looking matchup is Castro vs. Sam Deduno and the Twins. Castro has been striking out a ton lately, so buyer beware, but there are still a few dingers left in his bat, and that's where the upside lays.
- Bronze: Brian McCann NYY - McCann hasn't been all there this year, going through prolonged slumps. Time to buy low I say. Faces change of pace specialist James Shields. McCann has a penchant for K'ing vs. these types, but also has a chance to guess right and hit the long ball.
- Economy: Tyler Flowers CWS - Flowers doesn't have the best matchup vs. C.J. Wilson, but Wilson has been less than stellar lately and Flowers crushes lefties. Wilson might leave a mistake for Flowers to hit.

1st Base:
- Gold: Edwin Encarnacion TOR - It's time to jump back on the Blue Jays bandwagon. EE faces lefty Jaime Garcia and the Cardinals, who got shelled in his last start. EE loves LH pitching, matchup seems super ripe.
- Silver: Freddie Freeman ATL - Freeman faces rookie Chase Anderson in a hitter's ballpark. That should be incentive enough for Freeman to put up some points. Braves bats have been helter skelter, so it's tough to have a ton of faith in them.
- Bronze: Mark Teixeira NYY - Teixeira faces James Shields. Shields is either dominant or giving up long balls and very little in between. I feel the Yankee bats will be patient enough to get some knocks vs. Shields.
- Economy: Ike Davis PIT - Gallardo did me dirty the last time he started. So I feel the need to stack against him. I'm kind of vengeful that way sometimes. Who better than the cheap hitting cleanup hitter Ike Davis?

2nd Base:
- Gold: Chase Utley PHI - Utley gets the privilege of facing Homer Bailey. Bailey has solid games from time to time, but more often than not, gets roughed up. Utley is enjoying a fine season, holding Father Time at bay.
- Silver: Neil Walker PIT - Continuing the theme of ganging up on Yovani Gallardo. Walker hits 2nd, in front of Andrew McCutcheon, needless to say he gets to see pitches to hit. I expect a Pirates onslaught today.
- Bronze: Brett Lawrie TOR - Love that Brett Lawrie qualifies at 2B on a lot of sites now. It gives the position another masher. Lawrie faces Jaime Garcia in a lefty/righty matchup that is ripe for Lawrie to take advantage of.
- Economy: Kevin Frandsen WSH - With Anthony Rendon on the shelf with a thumb issue. Kevin Frandsen may get some short term playing time. Facing lefty Eric Stults in a righty/lefty matchup is gold at Frandsen's price. Hitting second is also an added bonus.

3rd Base:
- Gold: Ryan Zimmerman WSH - Playing the majority in the outfield these days, Zimmerman could still be 3B qualified depending on your site. My gang up on Eric Stults continues. I feel there too many righty power bats for Stults to navigate through.
- Silver: Pedro Alvarez PIT - Not a big fan of Alvarez and his free swinging ways, especially now hitting down the lineup. But his matchup vs. long ball prone Yovani Gallardo is too good to pass up. Like I said above, I expect the Pirates to mash.
- Bronze: Yangervis Solarte NYY - His bat is starting to heat up again. Solarte to put in solid swings. Faces righty James Shields in an all or nothing matchup. Love his versatility on some sites where he also qualifies at 2B.
- Economy: Justin Turner LAA - Turner is kind of a light hitting slappy with occasional power. Has already homered once in Coors Field this weekend, so you know he likes the ballpark. Can he do it again vs. lefty Jorge de le Rosa?

- Gold: Hanley Ramirez LAD - Ramirez's bat is starting to heat up while those around still stay cool. Ramirez faces lefty Jorge de la Rosa in a ripe matchup for Ramirez. Look for Ramirez to pick up the hiting slack, especially if Puig isn't ready to go with his hip issue.
- Silver: Ian Desmond WSH - Continuing with the train of Nats vs. Eric Stults. Desmond is a nice power/speed combo in the middle of the Nats lineup. I expect Stults to be a train wreck today.
- Bronze: Billy Hamilton CIN - On a bit of a light night at SS, I give you outfielder Billy Hamilton, who qualifies at SS on DraftKings for some reason. All the same, it's a good way to take advantage of a light hitting position and inserting some blazing speed into it. Faces righty David Buchanon.
- Economy: J.J. Hardy BAL - Hardy faces the lefty Scott Kazmir today. Kazmir is a bit of a tough customer this season, but Hardy loves lefty pitching. You could do much, much worse than Hardy at a punt price.

- Gold: Jose Bautista TOR - Bautista faces lefty Jaime Garcia who got RUBARed in his last start. Bautista loves left handed pitching. Ever since Kevin Seitzer came aboard as the Jays hitting coach, the Jays have been spraying the ball to all fields, with power. Lets just say the hits have been plentiful for the Jays this season.
- Gold: Giancarlo Stanton MIA - Stanton faces Jake Arrieta in Wrigley Field. More righty on righty crime. Stanton doens't care. He'll rough up anybody, especially no namer Jake Arrieta. Stanton already has become one of the fearsome hitters in the MLB at a young age.
- Silver: Andrew McCutcheon PIT - Another Pirate to throw into the brigade vs. Yovani Gallardo. McCutcheon is the ace of spades of the Pirates deck and able to go off any time. If you like the Pirates today like I do, then Cutch is damn near a must play.
- Silver: Jayson Werth WSH - Continuing on with the Nats stack vs. Eric Stults. Werth is the cleanup hitter for the Nats. Werth is an odd fellow, therefore kinda frusterating. Goes weeks without having big games. Them BAM! He hits ya. Werth's price point reflects. Seems like a very good midrange gamble today.
- Bronze: Christian Yelich MIA - Yelich is your typical young budding superstar. Games with nothing, you forget about, then has a game where you wish you didn't forget about him. Kinda like Jayson Werth in that sense. Yelich faces Jake Arrieta in a ripe matchup.
- Bronze: Jacoby Ellsbury NYY - Ellsbury is starting to find some consistency in his bat, and is starting to feel brave enough to swipe some bags. Ellsbury's price point minimally dropped even though he got off to a putrid start. I think we all knew he would come around. Faces James Shields today.
- Economy: Jay Bruce CIN - Bruce is yet another enigma that makes the list. Long droughts of nothing then BAM! Home run, 3 RBIs, and a stolen base yesterday. Bruce's erratic hitting behavior reflects the price point, but he still hits clean up and gets those RBI opportunity even though his batting averages remains barely over the Mendoza line. Faces rookie David Buchanen.

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