Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MLB: Wednesday June 11 2014

Yesterday went back to being a frustrating night, I'm pretty sure it was everyone. Very little pitching, high priced bats were uneven across the board. Unless you had a stake in the Braves/Rockies gong show, you likely went home empty handed. Faded the Braves last night and paid dearly for it, even though I had a couple of them on my list. Sometimes I should listen to my own advice. It was difficult to back to Freeman and Gattis yesterday after they did me dirty on Monday. That's the way she goes, sometimes you can't have a shy trigger finger. A's/Angels also did me dirty last night, as there was just nothing there in terms of bats. Let's check and see what Wednesday holds.

- Gold: Cole Hamels PHI - Hamels has been a stud lately. Gets to ply his trade vs. the lowly Padres tonight. Padres K a ton, Hamels has been K'ing a ton, seems like a good match to Hamels for me.
- Silver: Yu Darvish TEX - Darvish loves faces the Marlins tonight. Kind of an uneven matchup. Marlins have a couple of fearsome hitters but also have quite a few free swingers. The Ks will likely be there, the question is will the ERs be too. The only question that is keeping him from being the gold play tonight.
- Bronze: Michael Wacha STL - Rays went scoreless again last night. So what seems like a slump has turned into an epidemic. After Wainwright and the Cards tossed a shutout last night, it will be up to Wacha to keep the Rays in a slump.
- Economy: Wily Peralta MIL - My advice for today is pay for pitching. The dregs of pitching are very unappealing tonight. The best I got is Peralta vs. the Mets, and I can't say I have a lot of faith in this pick. Peralta should find some Ks, the ERs will likely be there too though.

- Gold: Yadier Molina STL - Facing lefty Erik Bedard tonight. Cards have crushed lefties in the past, Bedard has pitched well as of late. Something has to give in this matchup.
- Silver: Evan Gattis ATL - Fricken annoying Braves have cost me some coin the last two days. Needless to say I'm gonna have a stake in this game. Gattis and his power hitting style seems like a nice fit for Coors Field. Faces Eddie Butler in his second start in the MLB.
- Bronze: Jason Castro HOU - Castro power bat is slowly starting to come around. Minute Maid Park is a great hitter's park. Faces righty Brandon McCarthy. All arrows are pointing up in this matchup.
- Economy: Brian McCann NYY - McCann is on the edge of the economy scale. It's points out how poor of a season he is having in his 1st year with the Yankees. McCann faces Chris Young. As long as McCann is hitting in the middle of the lineup, and his price point is cheap, gotta look to him if you need a punt.

1st Base:
- Gold: Freddie Freeman ATL - Oh Freddie, you annoying bastard. Burnt me on Monday for having him, burnt me again on Tuesday for not having him. What are you going to give me on Wednesday? Faces Eddie Butler.
- Silver: Anthony Rizzo CHC - Rizzo did some lefty v lefty crime against Frankie Liriano last night. Tonight he faces relative newcomer Brandon Cumpton. Cubs stack might be a sneaky play tonight.
- Bronze: Paul Goldschmidt ARI - Goldy always has to be on the radar when going up against a lefty, even one as formidable as Dallas Keuchel. Goldschmidt's price is a bit high and the matchup isn't totally ripe, but its one you have to be wary of.
- Economy: Ike Davis PIT - My favorite platooners from Pittsburgh. Davis will probably be in tonight vs. righty Jason Hammel. Hitting 4th at a dirt cheap price vs. a mediocre pitcher, can't ask for much more.

2nd Base:
- Gold: Ian Kinsler DET - Rain out last night in Chicago kind through my lineup into a frenzy. Had them Tigers all lined up. Will likely do the same tonight, with the Tigers facing the dreadful Andre Rienzo.
- Silver: Howie Kendrick LAA - Kendrick didn't do much last night vs. a lefty. Tonight he gets another chance vs. lefty Tommy Milone. If it wasn't for such a thin night at 2B, I probably wouldn't even look his way.
- Bronze: Aaron Hill ARI - Hill mashes lefties, its what he was put on this Earth to do. Faces lefty Dallas Keuchel. Thin night at 2B, Hill hitting in the middle of the order, makes this the bronze play of the night.
- Economy: Luis Valbuena CHC - Looking for a punt at 2B? I give you Luis Valbuena who faces righty Brandon Cumpton. Valbuena would be a sneaky play in a semi Cubs stack if you think they will get to Cumpton.

3rd Base:
- Gold: Adrian Beltre TEX - Faces righty Jacob Turner for some righty v righty crime. Beltre can mash, no question about that, but 3rd base is kind of a wasteland tonight.
- Silver: Pedro Alvarez PIT - See what I mean? Not a fan of Alvarez, but he has home run power and faces mediocre pitcher Jason Hammel. Sometimes you just gotta roll with it.
- Bronze: Yangervis Solarte NYY - Solarte faces the surprisingly decent Chris Young tonight. While I don't like the pitchers park they are playing, the chance for knocks is at least there.
- Economy: David Freese LAA - Second night in a row David Freese gets this spot. Largely because they are facing a lefty for the 2nd night in a row. Faces off vs. Tommy Milone tonight.

- Gold: Starlin Castro CHC - TBH the whole right side of the infield is a wasteland tonight. Castro represents the contnued gang up on Brandon Cumpton. Love that Castro is hitting clean up for the Cubs. Gives the postion another RBI spot, that is otherwise lacking in that.
- Silver: Elvis Andrus TEX - I'm not the best at predicting SBs, but if I'm looking for one, I'm at least looking for a right handed pitcher. Andrus faces that tonight in Jacob Turner.
- Bronze: Jean Segura MIL - Same thing applies to Segura. Looking for an SB from Segura tonight facing righty Jacob deGrom.
- Economy: Eugenio Suarez DET - Really wanted to play him last night at his minimum price. Tonight his price is a smidge higher, but the value is still there nonetheless. Faces train wreck waiting to happen, Andre Rienzo.

- Gold: Mike Trout LAA - Did OK last night, looking for better tonight. Just becasue a hitter didn't have it last night, doesn't mean you can't go back to him. I'm learning that the hard way with the Braves. Trout faces another lefty in Tommy Milone.
- Gold: Andrew McCutcheon PIT - McCutcheon on the other hand, did reward me with a homer last night, and I am going back to him tonight. Faces righty Jason Hammel. McCutcheon is on one of his tears right now.
- Silver: Jason Heyward ATL - Yeah, this guy again. Been disappointing so far this series. One double to show for his work. Seems like a natural fir to crush one before he leaves town. Faces Eddie Butler tonight.
- Silver: Matt Holliday STL - Holliday found his power stroke last night in what accounted for the only run of the game. Holliday faces lefty Erik Bedard in what seems like a ripe matchup.
- Bronze: Allen Craig STL - Gotta have Holliday batting buddy in this lineup as well. I feel Erik Bedard's run of good pitching is going to come to an end tonight at the hands of the right handed power bats of the Cardinals.
- Bronze: Dexter Fowler HOU - I'm banking on a few runs being scored in the HOU/ARI game. Fowler has gone back to hitting lead off for the Astros lately. I like him better there as it makes a better SB threat. Faces Brandon McCarthy tonight.
- Economy: Nate Schierholtz CHC - If you need some cheapies to go with your expensive pitching, check out the Cubs, chalk full o' cheapies. Nate can seemingly only hit bad pitching and he may get that in the form of Brandon Cumpton.


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