Monday, June 9, 2014

MLB: Tuesday June 9 2014

One of my better days in quite some time last night, Tribe stack was where it was at, but I missed on Lonnie Chisenhall and his 3 home run night. That kept me out of the high stratosphere, but it was nice to find a good size profit last night. Braves bats in Coors Field was a bit of a downer, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Let's have a look at Tuesday's games.

- Gold: Adam Wainwright STL - Rays bats have gone stone cold and I'm not sure what happened. Rays, for the longest time have been so fundamentally sound. Now they can't hit their way out of a paper bag. Ace Adam Wainwright won't do anything to help this situation.
- Silver: Francisco Lirano PIT - Liriano has been no great shakes this season, as he has had control problems, the K's have been there though. He gets the added bonus of facing the Cubs, who loathe left handed pitching, or any kind of pitching that matter. As long as Liriano throws it over the plate, he'll get outs.
- Bronze: Jason Vargas KC - I know, I know, everyone is like, "Whoa!, the Tribe just laid a 17 spot last night!" Yes, they did. Indians love rookie, fastball throwing right handers. Everything Vargas isn't. Tribe loathe left handed pitching with all those left handed bats. I can see Vargas being a sneaky play, in that cavern in KC.
- Economy: J.A. Happ TOR - Either I underestimate the Twins bats or I underestimate the Twins bats. I don't like there porous swinging lineup. They have some dangerous bats but they also have some limp dick bats. I think Happ makes for a good low end play vs. a team with limited power.

- Gold: Derek Norris OAK - Norris just feels like such a must play vs. left handed pitching in a hitter's park like the one in the Big A. Faces Hector Santiago, and Norris will likely find his way in the lineup. The warning with Norris is he is susceptible to being pinch hit for late in games with John Jaso being a good hitting catcher in his own right.
- Silver: Russell Martin PIT - Not a fan of Russell Martin's slappy hitting style but he faces Travis Wood, who has been an absolute train wreck lately. Gets the benefit of a righty/lefty matchup in a game I'm looking for the Pirates to mash.
- Bronze: Willin Rosario COL - Rosario has been kind of dreadful this season, not anything like last season where he was mashing fairly consistently. Faces lefty Mike Minor, who has solid stuff, but Coors Field has the ability to make any above average pitcher look ordinary.
- Economy: Dioneer Navarro TOR - Oh buddy, its been awhile since I've had you here. Navarro is hitting near the bottom of the Jays lineup these days, but its still a prime RBI spot with the Jays lineup being so deep. Navarro draws Kevin Correia tonight.

1st Base:
- Gold: Miguel Cabrera DET - John Danks has actual been pretty good lately. I'm not buying it, and I think the Tigers bats will show how good he really is. I've been off of Miggy for awhile now but I think its a good time to buy into a Tigers stack tonight.
- Silver: Freddie Freeman ATL - Not sure what's up with this guy, mashes when he shouldn't and sweet FA when he should be mashing. Left me a bit cold after hurting my awesome lineup last night. Giving him another shot vs. Juan Nicasio in Coors Field.
- Bronze: Edwin Encarncion TOR - So many good 1B matchups tonight. But I feel EE can really mash Kevin Correia soft serve. EE just feels like a home run waiting to happen every single game.
- Economy: Gaby Sanchez PIT - Will likely draw in vs. lefty Travis Wood. The Pirates have platooning 1B spot with he and Ike Davis taking turns. The kicker is one of them end up hitting in the cleanup spot at an extremely low price. While they haven't taken full advantage, the opportunity is there.

2nd Base:
- Gold: Ian Kinsler DET - Yeah I'm going all in on the Tigers to mash John Danks tonight. Kinsler is such a good hitter, but you always feel like he could be doing more. Kind of the curse of being Ian Kinsler.
- Silver: Chase Utley PHI - Oh, Phillies bats, where have you gone? Utley is still hitting but no one else around him, therefore he is getting limited spots for driving in runs. Utley faces Ian Kennedy who has been hit or miss all season.
- Bronze: Howie Kendrick LAA - I have a feeling there will be a lot of runs in the Big A tonight. Kendrick vs. Drew Pomeranz in a righty/lefty matchup at a much reduced price from where it was? Why the heck not.
- Economy: Omar Infante KC - The economy class is a wasteland at 2B tonight. Best I could come up with is Infante vs. Corey Kluber in a righty/righty matchup. Not the best, I'm likely spending some coin at 2B tonight.

3rd Base:
- Gold: Josh Donaldson OAK - Donaldson vs. lefty Hector Santiago? Pretty much have to with the way Donaldson has been mashing left handed pitching as of late. Like I said, I expect a lot of runs in the A's/Angels game.
- Silver: Matt Carpenter STL - Carpenter's power bat is starting to come around. Gets to face the the Rays' Jake Odorizzi. Odorizzi is no great shakes and I expect the Cards to come out swinging in this one.
- Bronze: Pablo Sandoval SF - Haven't been a fan of Panda lately. He power is very fleeting. Faces righty Doug Fister tonight. Not a great matchup for Sandoval, but on a thin night at 3B, what can you do? Sandoval is still hitting cleanup, so he's got that going for him.
- Economy: David Freese LAA - Not a fan of David Freese, but he has everything going for him tonight. Faces lefty Drew Pomeranz, hitting in the middle of the Angels lineup and I expect A's/Angels to be a gong show of a game. If Freese is ever gonna hit, it's gonna be tonight.

- Gold: Troy Tulowitzki COL - Tulowitzki has had a bit of a power outage lately, but its very difficult to look away from him vs. lefty Mike Minor at home, in Coors Field. His price point is still high, I wouldn't blame you if you faded him, but the matchup says he could mash tonight.
- Silver: Jose Reyes TOR - Reyes was a godsend for me last night. SB's and HR in the same game? Sign me up. Tonight's a heat check play vs. righty Kevin Correia.
- Bronze: Jed Lowrie OAK - Good ol' reliable. If you looking for damn near guaranteed points at a reasonble price, then Lowrie is your man. Lowrie faces lefty Hector Santiago. Like Lowrie power much more from the right side.
- Economy: Eugenio Suarez DET - Suarez has burst onto the scene with the Tigers, put out base knocks all over the place, even has a dinger to boot. If you are looking for a dirt cheap punt that can actually contribute, Suarez is your guy. Love the Tigers tonight to the put the hurt on John Danks.

- Gold: Mike Trout LAA - if you are going to stack A's/Angels, then you need the ace of spades of that deck in Mike Trout. Trout vs. lefty pitching, is always points waiting to happen. Draws Drew Pomeranz tonight.
- Gold: Andrew McCutcheon PIT - Speaking of feasting on left handed pitching, that's what I believe Andrew McCutcheon will do to lefty Travis Wood tonight. McCutcheon has been on an absolute hitting tear tonight, but his price point has remained stagnant. It's a good time to buy on McCutcheon and ride that hot streak.
- Silver: Jason Heywatd ATL - Heyward did me a bit dirty last night. Was expecting a mash fest at Coors last night, and instead we all got a low scoring pitching duel. Heyward and Coors Field seem like a match made in heaven. Faces Juan Nicasio tonight.
- Silver: Yoenis Cespedes OAK - Cespedes has crushed left handed pitching over the recent weeks. Faces Hector Santiago tonight, as another piece of the A's/Angels stack.
- Bronze: Torii Hunter DET - Speaking of continuing on a stack, my onslaught vs. John Danks continue with Torii Hunter in a righty lefty matchup. Tigers have a gauntlet of right handed bats ready to take down Danks.
- Bronze: Drew Stubbs COL - If you are looking for Mike Minor to struggle at Coors Field, then Drew Stubbs is a good place to look. Stubbs loves left handed pitching and is a potential HR/SB threat. At a solid, midrange price as well.
- Economy: Oscar Tavares STL - My economy OF spot goes to Tavares tonight in his matchup vs. Jake Odorizzi. Tavares has been off to a bit of a slow start as he feels his way into the MLB. But you can see the talent is there and once he finds comfort in his game, he will be a handful to deal with.

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