Friday, June 13, 2014

MLB: Saturday June 14 2014

Let's have a look at the Saturday night slate of games.

- Gold: Scott Kazmir OAK - Kazmir faces the Yankess, who largely hate left handed pitching. Most of their big bats strictly hit laft handed. Yankees bats are starting to heat up a little, so be wary of that. Kazmir has been lights out on many nights this season. Price point is very reasonable to boot.
- Silver: Steven Strasburg WSH - Strasburg has a somewhat favorable matchup vs. the Cardinals. The Cards can rake when they are at their best, but right now seem to be hitting a bit of a lull. It's a good time for Strasburg to make some serious hay in this game.
- Bronze: Dan Haren LAD - Not a fan of Dan Haren per se, but still has solid starts still left in that arm. When he gets roughed up, it gets gross. Faces the Diamondbacks tonight, who haven't much success vs. right hand pitching. Seems like a good matchup for Haren.
- Economy: Joe Saunders TEX - Mariners are having a tough time hitting anybody. No name Nick Tepesch made their lineup look like puppy piss last night. On top of that, Mariners lineup isn't built to hit lefties. Seems like a very solid, economical play.

- Gold: Devin Mesoraco CIN - The catching spot disgusts me tonight. Mesoraco is really the only legitimate option of any substance. Faces Yovani Gallardo, of whom I have no idea what to expect from tonight.
- Silver: Robinson Chirinos TEX - See what I mean? Chirinos faces Erasmo Ramirez. Check with lineup to see if its Chirinos or Gimenez that gets the start, I like either one of them as part of a Texas stack vs. Ramirez.
- Bronze: Hank Conger ANA - Faces Gavin Floyd. Conger has shown modest power but not enough for my liking. On a light catching night, this really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
- Economy: Jose Lobaton WSH - With Wilson Ramos out, Lobaton has been getting the bulk of the catching duties. A light hitting fellow that hits at the bottom of the order, but is dirt cheap. Faces Shelby Miller.

1st Base:
- Gold: Joey Votto CIN - Votto is fresh off the DL. His price point is at a decent spot but starting to climb, may be one of the last times to buy low on Votto who is the pro's pro of hitters in the MLB. Faces Yovani Gallardo.
- Silver: Adrian Gonzalez LAD - Me and Adrian ain't as tight as we once were. Adrian was an automatic play for much of last season, this season he has done me dirty too often, I've started looking elsewhere. Faces Josh Collmenter in what could be a turn back the clock game.
- Bronze: Adam LaRoche WSH - Not a fan of LaRoche per se but have to respect that he hits cleanup and shows occasional power. Faces Shelby Miller who is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Who knows which Shelby Miller will show up tonight.
- Economy: Lyle Overbay MIL - Sorry folks, this is as good as it gets for the economy spot. Likely faces Mat Latos coming off the DL, so I would think Overbay plays tonight, but check with lineups on this one.

2nd Base:
- Gold: Dee Gordon LAD - Gordon is heads and tails the best option at 2B tonight. Hopefully he can put his jack rabbit like skills on display. Need Dee to run.....a lot. Faces Josh Collmenter.
- Silver: Brandon Phillips CIN - Phillips faces Yovani Gallardo as my Reds stack continues on. Gallardo can be very good, but he can also be very bad, its a coin flip tonight.
- Bronze: Scooter Gennett MIL - Won't recommend a lot of Brewers tonight because Mat Latos coming off the DL, who knows what to expect. But I will recommend Gennett because he is a good contact hitter and at good price point, and tonight, that's all you can ask for.
- Economy: Rougned Odor TEX - Bottom of the lineup slappy has been getting on base with good frequency this season. I highly recommend Rangers vs. the erratic Erasmo Ramirez.

3rd Base:
- Gold: Adrian Beltre TEX - Highly recommeded Beltre tonight, especially with value being so poor tonight. Beltre comes with a high price but has a favorable matchup with fastball throwing Erasmo Ramirez. Beltre lives for the fastball.
- Silver: Ryan Zimmerman WSH - Plays a lot of the outfield this days, may still qualify for 3B on your site. At any rate, on a light night at 3B, Zimmerman is a quality play vs. Shelby Miller.
- Bronze: Todd Frazier CIN - Haven't given Frazier enough of his due on this site, largely because I still think of him as the power hitting low average type. HIs average is up a little higher this year and making more contact. Faces Yovani Gallardo tonight.
- Economy: Alberto Callaspo OAK - Economy is a tough spot to find tonight. Callaspo faces Hiroki Kuroda. Callaspo doesn't mind the junk pitches and he'll get a lot of it from Hiroki Kuroda.

- Gold: Hanley Ramirez LAD - Ramirez is a lot like Beltre, comes highly recommended on a light schedule. Faces Josh Collementer. Take heed that Dodgers bats haven;t hit well at home lately, but know that they can explode without a moments notice.
- Silver: Elvis Andrus TEX - Another player to throw on the Rangers stack. Andrus, the base stealing machine that he is, hopefully can grant a couple tonight as he goes up against Erasmo Ramirez.
- Bronze: Billy Hamilton CIN - Qualifies at OF only on many sites, on some sites he qualifies at SS, I'll put him here for tonight as the OF is quite crowded. Hamilton is essentially the left handed hitting version of Andrus. Pure jack rabbit. Faces Yovani Gallardo.
- Economy: Danny Espinoza WSH - Slappy hitting 2nd baseman, qualifies at SS on some sites. Don't expect too much here, but can get some base knocks at a cheap price. Faces Shelby Miller.

- Gold: Shin Soo Choo TEX -
- Gold: Yasel Puig LAD -
- Silver: Jay Bruce CIN -
- Silver: Alex Rios TEX -
- Bronze: Kole Calhoun LAA -
- Bronze: Coco Crisp OAK -
- Economy: Nate McLouth WSH -

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