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MLB: Wednesday May 28 2014

So, I've been playing Fantasy Sports for 3 years now, and decided to give blogging a try. Mostly for myself to get my thoughts out on something, just so its easier to decipher in a pinch, especially under the pressure of the clock. I set it up in a gold, silver, bronze, economy type scenario. Economy is the under 3500 for hitters and under 7500 for pitcher on DraftKings, which is the site I play on currently. I take salary, streaks, injuries, indoor/outdoor, all into play. All my players below may or may not get into the lineup, so, check on lineups before the game starts. This is just a general guideline I use for myself and it looks into matchups that I deem beneficial. I play generally the night games, except for Sundays.

- Gold: Clayton Kershaw LAD - Kershaw followed up his crappy start with a gem vs. the Mets. His price is sky high, but the return should be solid. The Reds lineup without Votto just isn't the same a lot of freeswinging impatience in that lineup as of now.
- Silver: John Lackey BOS - Lackey is what Lackey is. Pounds strike zone, occasionally gets roughed up. But versus the Braves who have a lot of right handed bats to fool, Lackey can make some hay. Braves strike out a lot, so there will be a lot of points there for the taking if he is on his game.
- Bronze: Joe Saunders TEX - Saunders just coming off the 15 DL, may be on a pitch count, but is a ripe matchup as the crafty lefty faces a young Twins squad that likes to get taken to school. Twins are slowly getting better at finding balance within their lineup but it is still an inexperienced one. It's the type of matchup Saunders thrives in. His price point could qualify in the economy class as well.
- Economy: Chase Anderson ARI - Chase Anderson has burst on the scene with some mighty fine stuff. But like any young pitcher, his arm is fleeting, comes and goes as it pleases. The Padres are hitting well for now, but no way can it last. Anderson got roughed up in his last start which was 10 days ago, so he's had time to think of things. Boom or bust play.

- Gold: Brian McCann NYY - McCann's bat is starting to heat up after a dreadful start. Yankees bats in eneral are just in a slumber right now. But on a night when catching is light, and no one knows what to expect from Shelby Miller from day to day, McCann makes for a good start at a reasonable price.
- Silver: Miguel Montero ARI - Love catchers that hit clean up, especially ones that hit behind Goldschmidt. Montero numbers are meh to OK so far this season. Stauffer is actually tougher on lefties than righties but what can I say its a meh kinda day for catchers.
- Bronze: Yan Gomes CLE - Hate righty on righty matchup in general, but there is too much upside in this matchup to ignore. Noesi is getting roughed up whenever he's taking the mound. Injuries to Indians have moved Gomes up to the 5th spot. Gomes has had some surprising pop in his bat this season.
- Economy: Dioneer Navarro TOR - Don't particularly like the matchup vs. Archer but Navarro is almost at punt prices. The long ball has gotten very contagious in Toronto lately and it seems like every arm that has been in there has been roughed up by the Blue Jays. Navarro has even gotten into the act with a couple of long balls this week. It's not a bad play to keep riding the Jays while they are hot.

1st Base:
- Gold: David Ortiz BOS - Ortiz LOVES Gavin Floyd. Ortiz loves hitting at Fenway. Everything in this matchup is perfectly ripe. I'd be stunned if Ortiz doesn't have a big night at the plate tonight.
- Silver: Adrian Gonzalez LAD - Gonzalez draws Homer Bailey, and Homer likes to give up the homers. Dodger bats are starting to come around like they should, and Adrian is right in the middle of that. Adrien is about as professional a hitter as they come.
- Bronze: Edwin Encarnacion TOR - I'd be doing a disservice if I didn't put Edwin here somewhere. The guy is the hottest hitter on the planet right now. There is no fastball safe from Edwin, even one as formidable as the one Chris Archer has. Edwin's prices are still decent considering the hurt he's been putting on the baseball.
- Economy: Paul Konerko CHW - Not sure why you`d want to go cheap at 1B tonight, but if you are looking for a punt, I give you Paul Konerko. Facing newcomer TJ House, Konerko is still crafty enough to put the hurt on some newbies. That White Sox/Indians game should have runs galore.

2nd Base:
- Gold: Chase Utley PHI - I feel like at some point Jordan Lyles will come back down to Earth, and Philly seems like a good place for that to happen. Utley in in the middle of that left handed hitting moshpit is going to be a murderer's row for Lyles to face.
- Silver: Ian Kinsler DET - Speaking of murderer's row, the Tigers have the right handed version of that and get to face lefty Scott Kazmir. Kazmir is another pitcher that I feel is pitching over his head. Kazmir gets a real stiff test from the right handed bats of the Tigers. Kinsler is a doubles hitting machine in a place that loves doubles.
- Bronze: Dee Gordon LAD - Dee is an infuriating daily player to own because he clearly buys in bulk. You just never know what day its going to be when he goes all jack rabbit around the bases. His price point is a bit high for my liking but has a nice matchup vs. Homer Bailey.
- Economy: Scooter Gennett MIL - I assume he will be playing tonight with the Brewers facing Bud Norris. Gennett has had a couple of days off with the Brew Crew facing lefties. When Gennett has been playing, he's been raking, and still doing it at a decent price point.

3rd Base:
- Gold: Lonnie Chisenhall CLE - The last time the Indians faced a righty, Chisenhall hit cleanup. Facing Noesi, he gets a prime matchup, hitting in a prime spot. Chisenhall is hitting a tidy .370 so far. There is so much upside to this matchup at very modest price.
- Silver: Yangervis Solarte NYY - Solarte continues to feel like a secret in the middle of the Yankees lineup. Hits 5th when the Yankees don't use a DH, like tonight. Solarte, when on, drives line drives all over the place. Draws Shelby Miller, like McCann, a kind of boom/bust play.
- Bronze: Adrian Beltre TEX - Another one of those dreaded righty on righty matchup but Beltre faces Kyle Gibson. Beltre is a mistake hitter and Gibson is prone to mistakes. Seems like a matchup that Beltre can benefit from, especially Texas can get baserunners in front of him.
- Economy: Nick Castellenos DET - Castellenos is a down the order type that has had some success this season. Has a nice matchup vs. Kazmir. If things go as I expect where the top of the Tigers order, Castellenos might get some good hitting spots at the bottom of the order.

- Gold: Alexei Ramirez CHI - Ramirez is quietly raking this year, but the noise is starting to get louder as his price point is on a steady upswing. Draws lefty TJ House. In House's one start, he gave up hits like it was going out of style. Seems like a night for the White Sox righties to do some damage.
- Silver: Asdrubal Cabrera CLE - Loading up on Indians/WhiteSox seems to be the order of the night. Cabrera is back and hitting 2nd yesterday after getting the weekend off. Price point is very modest for Cabrera.
- Bronze: Jean Segura MIL - As of now, he's getting some run hitting leading off for the Brew Crew. And if he's hitting leadoff, I'm expecting steals. Segura was a fantasy savior for many last season, this year off to a slow start but seems to be coming around. Faces Bud Norris, more righty on righty crime.
- Economy: Cole Figueroa TB -  If you are looking for a pure minimum wage punt at a tradtionally poor fantasy position, then Figueroa is your guy. Figueroa faces Liam Hendriks, a Triple Aer in his own right. Figueroa is Zobrist's short term replacement. Makes sure Figueroa gets in the lineup before using him as a punt.

- Gold: Michael Brantley CLE - The Hector Noesi onslaught continues. Brantley is htting thirs these days and the lefty has a ripe matchup vs. the righty Noesi. It's going to be crucial for the Indians to get on Noesi quick, otherwise it could all blow up in my face.
- Gold: Micheal Bourn CLE - I feel like one of Bourn/Brantley will have a big game, if not both. Either Bourn with his legs or Brantley with his bat. Anyone at the top of the Indians order feels like a very safe play.
- Silver: Torii Hunter DET - I feel it in my soul that the Tigers will rough up Kazmir tonight. Too many hard hitting right handed bats for Kazmir to naivgate thru. Hunter has been slumping lately, so Jackson might be a slightly safer play.
- Silver: Austin Jackson DET - Speaking of Austin Jackson, there he is. If you are trying to decipher between Jackson or Hunter, check on the batting order, more ABs is usually better. Especially on sites that don't penalize outs or Ks.
- Bronze: Dayan Viciedo CWS - A guy nearly at punt prices, hitting cleanup, has a righty/lefty matchup, a triple Aer at that, damn near should be a lock in most lineups. But with the ripe matchups abound in the OF tonight, Viciedo will have to settle on a bronze spot.
- Bronze: Shin Soo Choo TEX - Choo hitting leadoff vs. Kyle Gibson seems like no brainer. Choo's price point is a bit high for my liking since his hitting abandons him from time to time, but the matchup is there for the taking. Choo is one of those duel HR/SB threats but isn't running as much this year.
- Economy: Grady Sizemore BOS - Sizemore's hitting is slowly coming around hitting all over the BoSox lineup. Sometimes hits leadoff, sometimes down the order. From time to time, he has a game that reminds us of his past. Draws Gavin Floyd, should have a chance to at least draw contact, as Floyd likes to pitch to contact.

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